About Achieve Homes

Achieve 20.20 project collaborates with individuals with their own plots, companies with housing policies for staff members, housing Agencies, banks, realtors, estate developers, investors etc. for the construction of affordable and beautiful residential buildings to suit beneficiaries’ taste and budget from our various designs.

Unique Offer

The offer consists of complete architectural drawings with 3D representation, complete structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings and construction

Unique Designs

These buildings are designed with the following considerations; Maximum comfort, Low energy consumption, Total ownership, Durability and Aesthetics.

Affordable Luxury

Achieve Homes are contemporary and luxurious, yet very affordable with cost ranging from N11m to N40m. The best part is the finance option available.

Finance Options

Consolidate on the existing mortgage system of housing finance through partnership with mortgage institutes. This means you can spread the payment.

We have designed various contemporary buildings that meets the needs of our potential clients.

Our Offers


Victoria (Victory) Home

Designed for comfort. Victoria is designed to give you and your family a blend of luxury and financial stability.

Total Area: 147m²
Construction Cost: N41.99m


Gratia (Thankful) Home

With master bedroom terrace beside the terrace, the master enjoys a total privacy while enjoying the serenity of his environment.

Total Area: 134.5m²
Construction Cost: N41.99m


Pacedominus (Peace) Home

Showcases 4 double-sized bedrooms, with the master featuring a spacious WIR and a resort inspired ensuite with a stunning freestanding bath.

Total Area: 166m²
Construction Cost: N41.99m


Amare (Love) Home

Fits everything your family needs and more! With 5 bedrooms, a large kitchen, room size laundry and storage.

Total Area: 149.5m²
Construction Cost: N39.99m

With over 15 years of experience in the building industry, understanding and practice of adequate waste management system, safety, cost effectiveness, durability, functionality and aesthetics, we have house plans that are great for living and pocket friendly.

Contact us to see how we can help you find cost saving home plan and location today.

The designs include:

  • 3 bedroom semi – detached duplex starting from 20M per unit
  • 3 bedroom terrace duplex starting @ 11M per unit
  • 4 bedroom fully detached duplex @ 40M
  • 4 bedroom semi – detached duplex starting @ 30M per unit
  • 2 bedroom apartment starting @ 7M

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More about Achieve Project

Achieve 20.20 project collaborates with individuals with plot(s) of land, companies, housing Agencies, realtors, estate developers etc. for the construction of residential buildings to suit beneficiaries’ taste and budget from our various prepared drawings.

This is not based on building urban housing estates in the Western sense, whereby a developer builds the houses, the infrastructure and the new services for the houses, which then drives up the house prices, meaning that a large up-front investment is needed. Rather, the emphasis is on self-building and building by small-scale construction companies so as to take advantage of the small plots owned by many Nigerian families.

How it works?

With ACHIEVE HOMES we provide a luxurious and yet cost saving designs and construction by adopting the following strategies.

  1. Producing a cost saving designs and construction without compromising quality
  2.  Adopting efficient waste management system
  3. Cutting down on our profit margins and leveraging on quantity
  4. We make use of your existing plot(s)
  5. Where you do not have one yet, we assist to help you get one through our partners in the real estate market with verifiable and genuine land.