Achieve 1.0 is a one-day event for realtors. The event is scheduled to hold on Wednesday the 31st of March 2021 and promises to be exciting and rewarding with a special appearance from top realtors in the industry. The event is set to majorly unveil two things:

  1. Achieve Homes, and
  2. The Achieve Affiliate Program

Achieve Homes is a collection of professionally designed residential building plans for landowners with a dream of building urban houses that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to live in, and also affordable. Landowners will be able to choose from this catalogue of designs.

Achieve Homes is not a conventional estate located somewhere that people buy into by acquiring land or building in it, no. On the contrary, Achieve Homes collaborate with landowners (individuals or companies) for the construction of residential buildings to suit their taste and budget from our various prepared drawings

Achieve affiliate is an extended marketing arm of CALEBELLA – INTEGRITAS PROJECT LTD. It is a platform created by the company for a mutual business relationship between her and realtors. The program is designed as a meeting point to unveil the procedures and the description of work by the realtors and also the unveiling of the various opportunities that are available from joining the affiliate group of the company. These opportunities come in different forms such as commission and bonuses. This program also allows potential affiliates of the company to learn more about the company, our core values, and how they are going to help the intending homeowners reduce the hassle usually encountered during construction.

We understand that realtors are in most cases the first point of contact for intending homeowners. Realtors are contacted to help initiate and complete the process of land acquisition. We also understand that one successful transaction brings about a level of trust in you from the client.

Some of our existing construction clients are clients of our realtor friends (individuals and companies) who referred them to us when they needed to develop their property. This is what we’re establishing and making accessible to all realtors.


  1. More income for realtors. Without any distraction to the realtors, being a Calebella Affiliate only creates another opportunity to make money.
  2. More jobs will be created for construction companies. It’s a win-win case. As the program increases realtors’ capacity to earn, it also creates more opportunities for jobs for Calebella and which in turn creates more jobs for subcontractors, suppliers, and artisans.
  3. Happy homeowners. The intending homeowners are also not left out as they’d get to achieve their dream of owning a beautiful home they can be proud of within a reasonable budget and time.

Achieve 1.0 is a first of its kind event in the real estate and construction industry, engaging realtors to connect intending homeowners to a reliable construction firm through construction marketing.

It’s going to be an amazing experience for all. You can register for the event here if you’re yet to.

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