Tips and Checklists for Effective Property Maintenance

In this post, we discussed 4 important reasons why properties must be maintained. Hopefully, by the time you get to the end of this post, you would have found new tips for maintaining your property.

Here are 3 tips for effective property maintenance and 10 places in your property that need constant attention and maintenance.


1 – Be Observant
The first point worthy of note is to be observant. If you’re very observant, it becomes easy to notice some part of your property that needs repair or replacement.

2 – Create a Schedule
We are naturally busy and always have lots of activities and events to attend to. So why not create a routine maintenance tradition. Make the maintenance of your property one of the activities you revisit monthly, quarterly, or however works for you.

3 – Take Inventory
Do you have a dedicated book where you take inventory of all the parts that make up your house? You should! This book should record things like the date of installations of things, manufacture and expiration date of things, the date of repair or replacement, etc. This system of taking inventory helps you know when to change things, what materials lasted well, etc. If you take proper inventory, there’s a high chance you will not suffer sudden damage or loss.


1 – Roofing
Check for leakages. especially after a heavy downpour or harsh weather condition.

2 – Walls
Check for cracks and damps and fix them appropriately and promptly.

3 – Security Wares
Check general condition on a routine basis.

4 – Interior
Ventilate and air your living spaces well, allow space around the walls by pulling furniture away from the wall as much as you can.

5 – Windows and Doors
Check for any malfunction and the integrity of your doors and windows. This is important.

6 – Wiring and Electricity
Always check for any malfunction and attend to such immediately. Don’t joke with this.

7 – Pipes and Plumbing Facilities
Keep your pipes and plumbing facilities in good condition always, as any major damage here can affect the regular activities of the house like bathing, cooking, and other activities involving the use of water.

8 – Foundation
Depending on the age of the property, you should look out for cracks, swollen or sunken parts on the foundation and consult experts for proper advice.

9 – Gutters
Gutters are channels that carry rain waters and other fluids
away from the building. If not cleaned regularly, threats may come in from there that could harm other facilities in the building.

10 – General Appearance and Surrounding
Check and maintain the cleanness and aesthetics of your property. In being observant, there are times you will notice that your property needs to be repainted, or that the flooring or gardening needs to be revisited.


It is a brilliant and profitable idea to maintain your property. To be very effective at it, you must be very observant and intentional. always taking and updating the inventory of your property and its environment so you can notice when things are about to go wrong and correct them immediately.