3 Things You Must Do Before Building a New Home in Nigeria

So you’re ready to start building your new home, or maybe you’re not right away, but you hope to some time, happy you! This piece is just right for you because you’d be glad you came across these salient factors to keep in mind before you commence your building journey.
Building a new home is a whole project. And just like every project that aims for success, there are preparatory measures that form the platform for the real action plans to thrive smoothly. When it comes to building that amazing home you’ve long dreamt of, you can’t afford to miss any of these preparatory steps. Let’s go!

1. Take Time to Determine a Holistic Budget

First and foremost, how much are you willing to put into this new home? At this initial stage, it won’t be logical to try and map out a detailed budget for the numerous aspects of the building project. So what you have to decide is the bulk sum you can afford. You’ve got to determine the budget range within which your new home should fall. Are you setting out 5-6 million Naira? Perhaps you can do 25-50 million?
Why is this so important? When building, you’re going to be faced with a myriad of options at various stages. There is the decision for what kind of structure you want, then size, roof patterns, doors, etc., and to each of this, there is an array of options. Some would cost less and others much more. This broad budget will guide the allocation for each stage when building. If you don’t ascertain your budget from the onset, you’re most likely going to hit several financial turbulences somewhere in the middle of the process.

2. Get a Ton of Advice and More

You would do a great deal of self-favor to get proper advice: professional real estate advice, of course. The only thing that you should do before searching for whom this advice would be gushing from is deciding your budget.

Building a home isn’t like picking a new shoe or a gadget, or any other stuff that you can do at a go. It’s a many-sided journey. And if you don’t get a great guide from the very start and all the way, you would end up having a regrettable outcome. What can you do about a building gone bad? I can’t imagine!

What kind of advice would you be looking for? You need counsel ranging from the land selection (topography, authenticity,) to the choice of architectural design, the foundation, fittings, and whole others. If you have a great building consultant, you’d avoid making mistakes and ignorant choices that can cause terrible financial losses and setbacks.

You must remember this: the best approach is getting consultancy with a good building construction company in Nigeria that offers a full package. I mean one that you can consult with from the choice of land to the last splash of paint that polishes your home. This way, you do not have to work with several teams offering varying methods.

Book a 15-30 minutes free consultation with our experts and have all your questions and concerns about property purchase, construction, and investment addressed with patience and clarity.

3. Ready yourself, be Flexible

The duration to complete a house varies for different reasons. But we can assume that affordable housing in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria may take at least five months. Now, you can imagine the pile of activities that would be taking place during all that time: decisions, financial commitments, mental & physical stress, excitement, and definitely, hitches. So need l to expatiate on the need to brace up for the adventures?

Also, remember to have a plan B for every plan A, an excess of at least 10% of your budget, and readiness for flexibility.

When you’ve done this, then you’re ready to start building.